Top 5 Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces

Being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not an easy problem. Most people who are still working to support their families, especially those whose jobs require repetitive movements of the hands and wrist, may need to change their jobs or look for another source of income considering their job productivity will be affected by their condition. Fortunately, there are new interventions that can help decrease the pain and discomfort that is usually associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. There are numerous carpal tunnel wrist braces that can be bought on Amazon with a discount so you can save time. Here are the top five wrist braces available on Amazon that just might be the answer to your carpal tunnel pain:

1. Mueller Wrist Brace with splint - Mueller is a name to be reckoned with in the field of sports medicine. The company started its humble beginnings in the year 1961 under the supervision and high-strung dreams of Curt Mueller. Ever since it was funded, the company has been a source of sports medicine equipment for numerous athletes and people suffering from various sports injuries. The Mueller Wrist Brace with splint is just one of the company's high-quality products sold today. It is the perfect wrist brace for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, people with wrist injuries or just those with weak wrists. It features a removable wrist joint, which allows the user to immobilize the wrist in the hand's natural position unlike other wrist braces. This wrist brace is the perfect answer to anyone who wants to relieve wrist pain and avoid further injury by immobilization. With well-adjusted wrist tabs and wraparound strap for alterations, this wrist brace can give you the perfect fit and compression surrounding the wrist area. It is created with lightweight materials so you won't feel like you have a wrist brace on and it's available in two colors, namely black and beige.

2. McDavid Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support - Anyone into sports who hasn't heard of the McDavid Sports medicine company should be ashamed of themselves. Another sports medicine giant based in the United States of America, this company began its tumultuous journey into the world of sports medicine in the year 1969 under Dr. Robert F. McDavid. He was the one who designed the lateral protective knee brace widely used in football today. As of present, the company provides various sports medicine products for different sports including lacrosse, soccer, skiing, mountain climbing, motocross and BMX. Nevertheless, they also provide a variety of products that can be used by people who have disabilities, including those with carpal tunnel syndrome. The McDavid Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support is a product widely used by numerous carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers today. It is a one-size-fit all wrist support that can be used in both left and right hand. It features a supportive splint and a Velcro strap to keep the wrist immobilized in place without unwarranted compression on the wrist area. This carpal tunnel wrist braces will help relieve the unusually high pressure in the carpal tunnel area and can alleviate the symptoms usually associated with people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Brace with Dorsal Stay - There's a reason why thermoskin has remained to be one of the leaders in producing orthopedic rehabilitation products around the world. Currently based in Australia, the company began its success in the year 1985 with the first supports that has been a hit around the world. Currently, the Thermoskin carpal tunnel wrist braces with dorsal stay is a popular product. Not only does it provide the right amount of support and protection to prevent movement and further damage for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome through the dorsal stay splint, it also increases the surface skin and subcutaneous temperature by up to 2-3 degrees Celsius, providing optimal circulation and muscle function. Its linings are manufactured from a patented material called Trioxon, which promotes healing by creating soft spirals into the skin.

4. Futuro Wrist Support with Cushioning Beads - Made with lightweight materials that will ensure comfort and a not-there-at-all feel, it also boasts the cushioning beads, which provides both comfort and protection for the hands and wrists. It provides support for the hands in a neutral position by merely adjusting the band around your hands and wrist. It also features anti-moisture and anti-microbial properties to avoid odor and sweat.

5. IMAK computer glove and ergonomic wrist support - This is a product by IMAK that is not only made for people with carpal tunnel syndrome but also for those who work more than 8 hours typing in front of the computer and would like to avoid the syndrome. With IMAK computer glove and ergonomic wrist support, the tendency to acquire carpal tunnel syndrome is dramatically decreased. This wrist support glove cushions the wrist against hard surfaces and maintains the hands into an ergonomic position. It also protects the wrist from laptop heat after several hours of typing.

All these carpal tunnel wrist braces are available on Amazon and are known for their efficacy and efficiency. Depending on your own budget and needs, you can purchase one now and relieve your carpal tunnel pain.